The next year in 1950, the following year, a Palestinian assassin shot the King Abdullah I during a visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Develop a sense of appreciation for culture. The assassin was enraged by Abdullah’s land-grab in that portion of the Palestinian West Bank. Let me begin by stating the practical benefit of studying the past makes you more sensitive to the cultures of people who differ from your home. A brief period of time spent by Abdullah’s son who was mentally unstable, Talal and is followed by accession of Abdullah’s grandson, aged 18, as king in the year 1953. People generally believe that the culture they far were raised with is "normal" and all other cultures must be judged in terms of it.

The new King, Hussein, embarked on an "experiment in liberalism" with a constitution that allowed freedom of expression, press as well as assembly. This mindset causes people to struggle to live with the diverse styles of life they encounter when they travel across the globe. In the month of May, 1967, Jordan concluded a bilateral defense agreement with Egypt. So, one of the most beneficial benefits of researching the past is figuring out that the manner in which we live today isn’t "normal". The following month, Israel obliterated the Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqi, and Jordanian militaries during the Six-Day War, and took the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan.

Actually, our modern world is definitely not normal as compared to the way humans lived for the bulk of their lives. A second, bigger flood of Palestinian refugees came into Jordan. It is through history that we can learn about how individuals from different religions, cultures, and practices have accomplished amazing things that deserve our highest respect. In the midst, Palestinian militants ( fedayeen ) began to cause trouble for their home country as well as hijacking three international flights, forcing them to fly into Jordan. For those who research the past and begin to appreciate, even take pleasure in the huge variations between humans They can be an effective global citizen. As of the month September, 1970 The Jordanian forces launched an assault on the fedayeen.

2. Syrian tanks attacked northern Jordan to assist the militants. Critical Thinking. In July of 1971 Jordanians defeated the fedayeen and Syrians. The "bread and butter" in studying History is learning to critically evaluate different sources. Jordanians took on those Syrians and fedayeen and drove them across the border.

Since we were not present through the events we study, we have to rely on the stories of the people who did to better understand these events. A mere two years later Jordan posted an army division into Syria to aid in fighting the Israeli counteroffensive of the Yom Kippur War (Ramadan War) of 1973. When they were able to record their experience, they did it with their own opinions as well as their personal biases and limitations. Jordan itself wasn’t a target in this conflict. As we go through their personal accounts, it becomes important to determine the validity and veracity of the data that they share with us.

It was in 1988 that Jordan has officially renounced its claims to the West Bank, and also stated its support for Palestinians as they participated in the First Intifada against Israel. The ability to employ an eye for discerning when looking at something is a important capability to have in real life. In the First Gulf War (1990 – 1991), Jordan supported Saddam Hussein in the First Gulf War, which led to an end to relations between the United States and Jordan. This is especially important when it comes to the debate on fake news.

The US cut off aid to Jordan which caused economic turmoil. As an academic in History who has become accustomed to critically scrutinizing the content you’re reading and analyzing what you read, you are far more resistant to misleading information. To regain international favor in 1994, Jordan concluded a peace accord with Israel that ended almost 50 years of war declared. 3. In 1999 the reigning King Hussein passed away from cancer of the lymphatic system which was followed by his youngest son, who was later crowned the King Abdullah II.

Learn to Argument. Under King Abdullah, Jordan has followed the policy of not entangling itself with its unstable neighbors, and has faced another influx of refugees. Students in the field of history must write with an analytical approach. That means they have to are taught to construct an argument with clarity and then back it up with data obtained from credible sources. History. This isn’t something that is easy to master it takes a lot of repetition.

With access to the most extensive archive sources, our campus is designed to reflect a modern aesthetic within a gorgeous, historical city. But once you’ve mastered how to formulate solid arguments and you are able to demonstrate your reasoning, you’ll have the advantage of being able present convincing arguments in a variety of professional situations. Learn more about our classes and what it’s like be a student at York with York Virtual Visit. 4. The history of York.

A Global Perspective on Political Awareness. Students studying for their undergraduate degree at the Department of History. One of the major advantages that comes from learning History is being able to comprehend the meaning of the world we live in today.

Affirmed to be a champion of equality. For example, why are There two Koreas? What is the reason? English become the most widely spoken international language?

What are the reasons why countries that claim to be democratically run hugely differing political system? These questions and many more seem to make sense when you study the past. We are incredibly proud to be awarded our Athena SWAN Bronze award in appreciation of the work we perform to ensure gender equality. Understanding these aspects can help people become more engaged with the current happenings.

2nd place in Russell Group. 5. Russell Group. Language Development. in the category of ‘learning opportunity’, as well as 1st for "assessment and evaluation’. (NSS, 2022) While studying the various historical cultures of the past and present, it’s impossible not to discover the words or phrases. The Tiger Of The week David Nirenberg *92 Is Leading the Institute for Advanced Study. In a short time, you begin connecting the dots between various languages.

David Nirenberg *92 sees connections across the globe. Once you start traveling around the globe, you’ll be able to get a sense of seemingly unrelated time. As a professor of medieval studies He analyzed the interconnectedness to Jewish, Christian, and Islamic ideas in various times. Although you will never be able to learn a language fully however, it’s surprising how much you can learn with some History information. As dean of the University of Chicago Divinity School and a leader in the idea of promoting inter-university collaboration.

6. As the director for the first time at the Institute for Advanced Study, He said he’s planning to draw on its resources to help people who may not be naturally collaborators thinking and working together. It’s just so interesting! His humanities background distinguishes him from previous directors, who have mostly been mathematicians or scientists. And, perhaps my most favorite thing is that knowing about the past is absolutely exciting. Nirenberg who took over as director in February, says he would like to foster more interaction across different parts of the collective brain trust that the institute is a part of. It’s really fun to discover the amazing things humans have performed throughout our long-running history.

For instance, he refers at algorithms as computational methods for almost everything that influences the way we live our lives. "Can we connect our mathematic computer scientists and our humanists and social scientists to discuss the effect on society that algorithms have?" he asks. For instance, did anyone not know it was true that Egyptian priests were expected to be completely bald and even shaved their eyebrows in order to verify that they were? Or that the engineer was so sure about his parachute concept that he even tested it by jumping off The Eiffel Tower (and the results showed that his confidence was not based on the right information)? Was there any evidence that kissing was forbidden from England around 1439? It could help us identify biases in algorithms, and help ensure that they are fair and reliable for the next generation.

There’s more to say and on but you’ll get the idea. Integrating the viewpoints of humanists and behavioral scientists at an early stage when it comes to technological and science issues will help to avoid problems that will naturally arise in the future, he adds. "By the time you’ve got to the technology to resolve a health problem or climate issue you’ve gotten several behavioral responses on the way." The bizarre and strange events that have been recorded in the past are the reason why shows such as Horrible Histories a massive success.

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